Reader Review:

            In my decades of loving & reading History & Romance I confess I didn't care a whit for books on WW II, Eastern Europe, (certainly not Poland), or the Far East. I was the educated American who disallowed laughter at the expense of Poles whenever I heard Polish jokes, but knew little to nothing about the country, the real nature of Nazi occupation, or how ordinary people could endure in order to "meet again." This memoir changed ALL that. Perhaps it's because of the way I witnessed the book unfold that pulled me in and allowed my mind to expand & heart to grow tender about a young sooo-in-love Polish couple whose lives together began just before the onset of WWII. But indeed, following this favored barber of the Polish generals for seven years to remote destinations whose names I now recognize instantly in the news, and residing with the seamstress who remained in Poland but ended up in a labor camp -- I was in that journey every minute. This couple died old and far away from Poland, but kept Poland in their hearts and bestowed a love for it to their only daughter, someone I met very randomly but whose report of her parents' journey kept me glued to a foreign country I once cared zero about and to a slice of history that was brought more to life for me than I could have expected. I'm not Polish & I hate war, but I loved this story and its telling.

ML Robinson, Vero Beach, Florida

Reader Review:

         What a gem of a memoir you wrote about the life of your parents!  And it goes without saying that Lerna's lovely drawings added so very much to the book.   My mother was born in a small village in Poland near Cracow and came to the USA as a young woman several years before WWII.   Your book added much to my knowledge of life in Poland before and during the war. (My mother didn't like to talk about growing up in Poland)  I love the format of the book as it reads as a loving personal story.  It would be wonderful if as many people as possible will read your book.   They will be in for a love story, a history lesson and a glowing tribute to your parents!

Lila Avivi, Israel


Featured Author: Tereska J. Buko

Each chapter is enriched by a pen and ink sketch by Vermont artist Lerna: You can contact her by email:

The General's Barber and the Seamstress, A Polish Love Story is a labor of love. It is dedicated in memory of Tereska's parents, the heros of this story.


Tereska has a master's degree in International Administration from the School for International Training, Brattleboro, Vermont. Previously a facilitator of Peace through the Arts events and author of spiritual training manuals, Tereska is devoted to her four  grandchildren and keeping Polish traditions and spirit alive!

The General's Barber and the Seamstress